About Serenade Kennels



Welcome to SERENADE BOARDING KENNELS. We would like to tell you about our business.
We are a small kennel which boards dogs and cats. We can only take about 20 dogs and 10 cats. Because of our limited size, pets get more human contact and attention given to their well being than at larger kennels. Our kennel is quiet and we do not have to wear ear protection while in the kennel, as the larger kennels must. Constant barking will cause undue stress on your pet. We do not have that problem here. At Serenade your animal will be cared for by the experienced owners not an employee who last week was pumping gas! If you want to visit the kennel, you will also meet the owner to discuss your pet’s boarding needs. Because we are a small family run business please have the courtesy to make an appointment if you wish to visit us. Animals do best on a routine and we cannot always stop what we are doing because you thought you would stop by.
Anne, the owner, is a graduate VETERINARY TECHNICIAN with more than 35 years in the animal care field. Paul, the owner, has more 30 years experience in the animal care profession.
We also have a VETERINARIAN on call 24 hours a day.
The kennel is designed so that each dog has its own indoor and outdoor run which are separated by a sliding door. Inside, the kennel is heated and air-conditioned and has music on 24 hours a day. Dogs are given a special designed Serenade bed and have water at all times. Owners may bring a toy for each pet, but we supply the bedding. The indoor and outside runs provide plenty of room should you have two large dogs (such as Golden Retrievers) that you wish to stay together.
Cats are boarded in specially designed cat pens in our cattery. The cattery is not near the dog kennel so the cats are not exposed to the sight or sounds of dogs. We have only 10 pens so book early. We have deluxe, double and single pens. Cats are let out daily, one at a time, for playtime in our cattery.
The dogs are let outside at least three times per day for exercise. Weather conditions determine how long they are out. In good weather, they will be out about 30-45 minutes each time. We do not give free unlimited access to the outside as some kennels do. We feel that this is NOT a good way to provide a stress free environment since some dogs will continually run in and out, barking, fighting through the fence with their neighbour and be hyperactive. Since most house pets do not have unlimited access to the outside, if a schedule of supervised outside time and inside rest is established, the pet will adjust better to being away from home and is ultimately happier. Also, pets receive more human contact this way and a comfortable indoor temperature can be maintained. We do NOT let strange dogs together at anytime. Dog fights will happen even between animals that know each other and live together. Dogs that don’t know each other are highly likely to fight, possibly causing serious and life threatening injuries. Diseases and parasites can be transmitted between dogs who are in direct contact with each other. No matter how closely supervised, Never leave your pet in a kennel which has “group play time” and the policy of letting strange dogs together.
For people who truly know animals, this is just common sense.
Pets are fed twice per day. We stock KIRKLAND dry foods and a variety of canned meats for dogs. For cats, we have a variety of dry and canned foods, including sardines. If you wish to bring another food for your pet, we will use that.