DROP OFF and PICK UP HOURS are posted on our this site.  All businesses have established,  please respect ours.

Keeping a routine for your pet  helps keep them healthy and happy.  Of course if you have an emergency situation and need to drop off your pet out of hours we will try to help you out, just call us.

When picking up or dropping off out of hours a $25.00 will be charged.  This fee may be waived under certain circumstances and at our discretion.

Drop off and pick up hours will change over the Christmas and March Break periods.

We always answer the PHONE when we can or you can do an ONLINE BOOKING at any hour.

KENNEL VISITS are by appointment only. We are happy to meet with you but please call us to make an appointment this way we can schedule your visit at a time which is least disruptive to the  daily routine of our current canine and feline guests.

CANCELLATIONS happen but please call us to let us know if your plans change. There are special rules over March Break and Christmas.

PROOF of  VACCINATIONS  must be shown on your first visit here. You are responsible for discussing with your vet the best vaccination schedule for your pet.

A BOARDING CONTRACT  must be signed on each visit.

WE SUPPLY  food and treats, or you may bring your own beds, all bedding, all feed dishes, water buckets, litter box and litter.

Proof of vaccinations on your first visit and updates as required.
Contact info for your veterinarian and contact  numbers if we need to reach you while you are away.
Bring you dog in on a leash which will be given back to you on drop off. Bring your cat here in a secure carrier.
Food for your pet if you wish to keep them on the diet you feed at home. Treats you wish to be fed
Special diets as prescribed by your vet or homemade diets must be supplied by owners.
If your pet enjoys a toy you are welcome to bring that. Toys must be durable and washable, no articles of clothing or stuffed animals will be accepted. We will refuse any toys which we deem to be health risk to your pet.

LABEL ALL BELONGINGS with a permanent marker with your last name. We will make every effort to return all belongings to you but we are not responsible for lost or damaged belongings.

We accept CASH, DEBIT, VISA, MASTERCARD. No cheques please. Go to our rates page.

We reserve the right to refuse any pet due to health or temperament concerns.